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How to Relax: 7 Tips for a Real Web Designer



Today being a designer means doing a plenty of work. You should know everything about the recent trends, audience’s preferences, modern tools, updates, features and web fashion at all. In addition you have to know how to work with colors to create a pleasant plus stylish color scheme for a site, read a lot of educational literature, etc. In a word, there is always some work for you to be done.

Still, sometimes even the most famous and talented people have the situation that make them upset, nervous or even both variant at the same time. For example, your customer has changed their plans when you have almost finished working on the online project and now you should begin its design from a very start… All in all, I will not provide you with a full list of the possible unpleasant things that you may get during your work because now is a good time to relax and think about the positive aspects of your life. Needless to say, sometimes we all need to forget about job and have some rest. That is why I’m here, as in this post I will tell you about several ways to relax after a hard day. What is more, I will also share with you a secret of an easy website building but we will back to it a little bit later. And now, are you ready to relax?
1st way to relax: try to get active
It might sound funny but getting active is the best way to relax when you feel upset and stressed out. I know that one will prefer to relax with a book or on front of the TV watching their favorite show with a tasty food. Anyway, keep in mind that hitting the gym, going for a run or simple aerobics can quickly make you feel better, as any exercises are an ideal way for releasing endorphins, anandamine, (the mood-boosting chemicals) so it will help you to lower nervousness. Thus you have an easy possibility to increase your mental wellbeing. As a result, getting active will help you to take you mind off boring problems. Moreover, it is also a nice way to induce your sleep.
2nd way to relax: listen to the music
It’s not a secret that listening to their favorite music can easily put people in a good mood. To continue, it has also been found that music is a great thing to reduce stress!
For example, different studies have pointed out a link between music and lowered stress levels in people’s everyday routine. Plus such investigations also show that music is able to lower intense levels of stress in pregnant women, people undergoing surgery and critically ill patients as well. Today is popular to sell some ‘relaxing’ songs selections, so shops are full of this stuff. As you can see, it would have more sense to go with your personal taste and listen to your favorite songs or bands, when you need to relax, rather than seeking out such ‘relaxing’ genres. I mean, the Beatles, David Bowie or the Killers can always boost my mood.
3rd way to relax: remember about chocolate


As you may know, officially, chocolate is not only an amazing and tasty food but also a great calming one! Here are the good news for real chocolate lowers: firstly, it is high in magnesium (and it can help one to get relaxation); secondly, chocolate contains anandamine – neurotransmitter that will help one to experience a feeling of harmony. Furthermore, chocolate also raises endorphin levels because of its high levels of phenylethylamine, so here is an additional reason for you to help yourself with a favorite bar of chocolate. Do you worry about your waist? Don’t forget that you can easily combine all the given tips and listen to the music in gym after eating sweets.
4th way to relax: the technique of deep breaths
This way would be good for those who need to relax but are short on time. Although it sounds simple, taking a few deep breaths is quite useful and quick technique to have a rest. Have you even noticed that anxiety or anger cause you to breathe more rapidly than normal taking deep? Thus, slower breaths are a helpful aid for relaxation, so don’t hesitate to try them if you regularly feel stressed, weary or exhausted. Just add the mentioned technique to your everyday routine and soon you will be rewarded. What is more, today there are a lot of things to help you. Such as, meditation, pilates class, yoga, etc.
5th way to relax: think about tryptophan
Without a doubt a lot of people reach for food when they are stressed that, in the end, brings you unneeded kilos. On the other hand, this situation has its advantages when you have knowledge. What is more, there are some foods that may easily help one to relax. Yep, I’m talking about the ones that contain tryptophan, (an essential amino acid) as they make a good way to stock up when someone needs to have some rest or simply calm down. How does it work? Well, the nutrient raises serotonin levels and it can also raise your mood. Plus, don’t forget about the melatonin that helps to induce sleep as well. Thus, remember about the foods that contain tryptophan, if you feel that you need to relax. Such as: turkey, soybeans, cheese or different nuts.
6th way to relax: evening with aromatherapy


I have already told you about gym and yoga but here is a nice fact for you: you don’t have to go somewhere (if you don’t want to) to get a pleasant rest! Actually, one can easily turn their homes into the calm and relaxing sanctuary with the help of aromatherapy. This is a well know and popular method that works both for woman and men. Therefore, use some enjoyable essential oils, a scented candle or other things that you prefer. If you are interested, some relaxing oils mostly include camomile, bergamot, lavender, ylang ylang and neroli. Just add a couple of drops to a bath after a hard day, burn a candle and simply let yourself to have a rest as Chandler did.


7th way to relax: laugh and hug
Everyone knows that laugher is a good thing that has its therapeutic effects. Thus today one can find a lot of places that offer them such things as laughter therapy or even laughter yoga classes. Besides, it has been discovered that even the expectation of laughter can help a person to relax! It lifts their spirits and reduces stress levels in their bodies. As you can see, there are a lot of ways to get a relaxation. You can chill out with friends, go to a cinema or watch a funny movie at home, read a cool book, etc. For these simple reasons, I enjoy watching the stand ups by George Carlin or Dylan Moran. In addition, don’t forget about hugs! Naturally, having a hug is another famous mood booster! Do you need some details? Ok, to begin with it has been studied that having a pleasant physical contact quickly raises the levels of oxytocin (yes, the hormone of love) and lowers the levels of cortisol, (stress hormone ) that, as a result, puts person in a more relaxed frame of mind.


What else can help you to relax? Having a pet, of course! You can wind down after work by playing with your bellowed pet, hugging it or having a walk. You know, that is why I live with 2 fantastic dogs.

So, now you know 7 easy ways that can quickly help one to relax with no effort and it works even in case they don’t have a lot of time for it. And now, as it was promised, I’ll tell you a secret of a successful website building. So, you are stressed because you worked all day setting up your own long-awaited site and it still doesn’t work properly? I can understand it. All in all, not every person is a coding guru but it does not mean that you have to spend a lot of time of money in order to get a worthy online project for your needs! All in all, humanity has already made such awesome thing as ready-to-use Website templates that can easily help one to launch a site of their dream with no effort.



To illustrate the situation, let me show you a couple of products that were created by the oldest website developer – TemplateMonster. The company works with the most popular platforms and has more then 24 000 of ready-made premium themes, so today one can easily find on their website such selections as travel WordPress themes, photography WordPress themes, consulting WordPress themes and many much other categories for any business type. Moreover, they also provide customers with the templates customization and free 24/7 tech support.


To finish with, I was surprised by TM’s price-quality rates, so don’t hesitate to visit their website or contact TemplateMonster’s Service Center, if you would like to get more info!


Let me know what do you thing about the given advices. Do they help you to relax? Or maybe, you have your own ways to have a pleasant rest? In this case, don’t forget to leave all your ideas, thoughts and ideas in the comments below this post, as I am always happy to hear from you!

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